Leaders Who Create Connections Benefit the Greater Good

January 20, 2021

The ability to bring wider perspectives to your team goes a long way.

Where would we be without bridges? We’d be permanently stuck on one side. We’d never be able to see things from another angle. We’d feel disconnected. I’m talking about human bridges here, not the architectural kind. Our internal GPS would be jammed, and we would be stranded.

One of my colleagues, Rory, embodies the grace, strength and perspective that all great bridge builders have. They are able to connect with people on one side of an issue and walk them over to the other. They are able to help long-term staff appreciate the new people gathering on the other shore. They are able to guide executives away from their safe perches to explore the view from points along the way. They are the consummate Sherpa; making people feel safe to make the journey knowing that Rory won’t let them stumble.

Being a human bridge in an organization is a rare treasure. When you experience someone like this, you wonder how you ever lived without them. For me, I’d love to think I would make a decent bridge but I’m the one your parents warned you about. I’d suggest we take a dive into the water just to see how cold it is and hope that the rest of you would follow.

Leaders who build bridges serve the greater good. They are intent upon bringing the right people with the right resources together to accomplish the right things. They are selfless, engaging and non-threatening.

These are teachable skills. If you would like to learn more, please leave us a message.