5 Ways Virtual Meetings Are Good for Team Encounters

December 2, 2020

Virtual meetings can be quite effective, here’s why.

I know we are all sick of virtual meetings and can’t wait to get back to normal/in office time. But I’ve discovered that there is an up-side to all those tiny boxes and the norms we are creating. Here is my short list of Things You Can Do Virtually But Don’t Do IRL.

  1. There’s no zoning out in a meeting or checking out. Everyone has to have the video function on (except when taking a quick break) which requires constant attentiveness.
  2. It’s harder to hide or not speak up from your little box. Most teams have worked out norms of going around to each person. This rarely happens in person.
  3. Using the private chat function allows people to check in with each other during meetings in (usually) helpful ways. Side conversations have turned into “hey, you seem upset”. Being paranoid about accidentally hitting the “everyone” button has curtailed the “can you believe he said that” bitching.
  4. I’ve also had more courage to use the private chat to comment to someone who is dominating the conversation. “Vera is trying to say something. Could you please take a breath?”
  5. Likewise, intervening when someone is being an asshole. If it doesn’t feel safe enough to say it to the whole group, I’ve been able to write to the person. “Are you aware that you’ve shut down the conversation? What are you trying to do?”

My point is that these virtual tools are not all bad. Some of the new norms teams are using are good ones to remember when we can all go back to the office.

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