How we help leaders

Our Work

We have worked closely with senior leaders around the world for decades. We have seen great leaders, crappy ones and loads of just okay ones.  

What we have seen repeatedly is that the best leaders are willing to commit to the hard work of self-discovery.  Armed with new knowledge, they are able to show up as accessible, trustworthy and decent human beings.

Coaching is
Our Specialty

We specialize in human nature. People are complex and quirky. We can be absolutely brilliant or totally daft. And each day we want to bring our best selves to the job. That means we need to know what we and others are made of and how to make all these different personalities and needs play well together.

That’s where we can help. We’ve got real stories from the front lines of leading people, we facilitate personal growth with compassion, we offer tough love when necessary, we never recommend anything that doesn’t work in real life and we like to think we’re funny. (Gavin’s got that dry British wit and Nicki completely overestimates how funny she really is.)

What We Do

~Individual Coaching

~Team Development Coaching

Growth comes from challenging, often difficult, dialogues. To that end, we create safety and a context to have meaningful conversations with yourself and others.

If you need help with your team or your own personal journey, we’d love to be at your side. If you’d like your organization to take up the charge of putting people first, we’re all in.

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Presentations & Learning Sessions

The Messy Truth About Leading People. Keynote speaking.



Virtual Events


Leadership Facilitation

Effective leadership coaching.

Executive Coaching

Whether you are having a small meeting, micro-event, large conference or something in between, let us energize your attendees with real world lessons about leadership.

We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work, and we bottom line it for participants. No high-minded theories of the case. Just the truth on the ground about how leaders succeed.

You’ll walk away with pragmatic, actionable guidance.

If you're looking for a guest speaker on a range of topics, let's chat.

What we can talk about

Speaking Topics Include

How to get the most value from a multi-generational work environment

The secrets to building a kickass team

White people understanding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

How to move up when you’re not a member of the dominant group

Navigating challenging discussions and productive dialogues

Self-awareness is the most potent leadership habit

Why Us

This work is messy and difficult, and it feels vulnerable and uncomfortable. This means lots of tough conversations with yourself and with others. This is our sweet spot; helping people open up and grow beyond their carefully constructed safe bubbles. And we have strong results to show for our efforts. High functioning teams, cohesive leadership at the top, more equitable and inclusive cultures, non-dominant individuals ascending, bad apples being shown the door.

We’d love to break this down with you.