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a 6-month commitment to Executive coaching
Our exclusive executive leadership coaching program is designed to facilitate your learning about yourself, other people, and how you show up as a leader. This coaching is designed to maximize your impact as a leader, and covers all stages of leadership careers, whether you a first-time team leader or you are a newly-appointed CEO.

You have three tiers to choose from for your 6-month leadership coaching experience.

Core - Private Podcast Episodes
This is the most cost-effective option, especially if you are early in your team leadership career and are looking to accelerate your learning. Each week you receive a private podcast episode that is filled with down-to-earth and practical advice that has been distilled from Nicki and Gavin’s decades of experience. You hear real world stories of leaders whom Nicki and Gavin have encountered over the years. And you learn actionable tips that help you amp up your leadership skills immediately.
Price $475 USD

Standard - Private Podcast Episodes Combined with One-on-One Coaching
This tier is particularly useful if you have a few more resources or if you have been in team leadership roles for several years. You want to address certain issues that are most relevant to your specific context. So, in addition to the weekly podcast episodes, you will be able to meet with either Nicki or Gavin for 60 minutes in a face-to-face coaching session every six weeks (total of 4) to go deeper into how you want to show up as a leader in your organization.
Price $2,500 USD

Premium - Customized One-on-One Coaching for CEOs and Senior Executives
This offering is for CEOs and senior executives who are looking for a more customized learning program. You already know that executive coaching is, by far, the most effective way for you to maximize your impact as a leader. The content of this tier is determined by your specific situation, and can include 360 feedback, psychometric assessments and either monthly or twice-monthly coaching sessions.
Price dependent on the context. Contact Us.

Once you sign up for the experience of your choice, you’ll receive a free copy of our most recent book, The Messy Truth About Leading People. It tells one person’s leadership story with all the lessons and insights they learned along the way.

At the same time, you’ll get a link to an instructional episode where we describe how to benefit from this leadership coaching experience, how to track your growth and how to turn your insights into actions.  

We are really looking forward to you joining us!
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The Leadership Coaching Experience Roadmap

Why This Is Different

First, we have found a way for you to benefit from our combined decades of experience for an affordable price.

Second, we have designed this experience with a few elements that you’d be hard pressed to find with other leadership coaching services.
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The starting point is to help you become more compassionate and humane as a leader. We know that the best leaders know themselves, understand others and make meaningful connections. The episodes are sequenced to help you gradually deepen your awareness and skills in these areas.

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In addition, you can see from the episode list above that we challenge you to explore aspects of yourself that don't receive enough attention in most organizations, such as surfacing the underlying biases that impact your leadership style, how you use and share your power, and how important it is to create really strong relationships.

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Finally, we have worked with scores of leaders and we share real stories of their ups and downs in each episode. Stories that we know you will relate to.

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Private Leadership Coaching Experience, please contact us.

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