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Beyond the C-Suite

Our 6-Month Leadership Coaching Experience is a virtual learning platform that leverages the transformative power of leadership coaching to accelerate growth for top talent, team leaders and key staff you are keen to develop.

At our Core Tier, it’s an innovative 6-month audio program taught directly by us that delivers leadership coaching recordings weekly to a mobile device. The full learning platform also includes an 80+ page workbook and a companion app that keeps everything accessible on your mobile device.

Maximize your impact as a leader

This coaching covers all stages of leadership careers, whether you are a first-time team leader or a newly-appointed CEO.

Access tools needed to reach your personal development goals

This experience provides a path to developing critical skills necessary for the new requirements being demanded of all leaders.

Make meaningful connections to improve you and your team's performance

TMTL is designed to focus on the context of teams and making strong human connections across the organization.

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what it is

Leadership coaching delivered by experts in the field

The curriculum was developed and is delivered by Gavin Fenn-Smith and Nicki Roth. They have decades of experience coaching leaders all around the world, across all industries and at MIT Sloan School of Management.

The purpose that drives their work is to develop compassionate and humble leaders that make a difference in their organizations. You will hear this in all their guidance.
how it helps

A practical resource for any leader at any level looking to build their leadership skills

The TMTL is an innovative 6-month audio program that delivers leadership coaching weekly to a mobile device. The full learning platform also includes an 80+ page workbook and a companion app that keeps everything accessible on your mobile device.
Benefits for Individual Buyers
  • Facilitate your learning about yourself, other people, and how you show up as a leader
  • Maximize your impact as a leader and team member  across all stages of your career
  • Gain access to exclusive downloadable lessons, expert tips and resources that are ideal  for expanding your leadership skills
  • Take control of your own development
  • Use new skills immediately
  • Work at your own pace and anyplace
Benefits for Corporate Partners
  • Meaningful and high impact coaching for staff that are clamoring for development opportunities (and threatening to leave if they don’t get any!)
  • An integrated approach to inclusion and leadership
  • A scalable, affordable resource so more staff can benefit from a high end experience
  • Immediately transferable skills
  • Development that accommodates busy schedules and dispersed staff
  • Cultivate a culture with a shared approach and language to effective leadership
  • Empower leaders at every level of your organization

Built for today's employees.
With TMTL, everyone is a VIP.

This offering means that leadership coaching is not just for the lucky few senior executives. It is now attainable for anyone who is committed to their own self development.

As executive coaches at the MIT Sloan School of Management, we have decades of experience all over the world and we have seen all shades of leadership. We have consolidated the essential lessons and guidance into this audio coaching program.

Over 6 months, 24 weekly audio episodes (each one 10-20 minutes in length) are automatically delivered to your mobile device.
There is an intentionally specific sequence that follows a best practice for optimal growth and sustainable behavior changes.
In each episode we provide an explanation of why a particular skill is important for leadership effectiveness, very practical tips about how to develop that skill and stories about executives we have worked with who either excel or not at that skill.

Another unique feature of this coaching experience is that diversity awareness is woven into most episodes. Our belief is that diversity and inclusion are not separate from what it takes to be an effective leader. So, we constantly address all types of difference in the context of individual, team and relationship development. This makes the program particularly applicable if you have a DE&I plan.
A 6-Month commitment to leadership coaching

Choose the tier that's right for you

Core - Six-month Audio Experience only
This is the most cost-effective option, especially if you are early in your team leadership career and are looking to accelerate your learning. Each week you receive an audio episode direct to your smartphone that is filled with down-to-earth and practical advice that has been distilled from Nicki and Gavin’s decades of experience. You hear real world stories of leaders whom Nicki and Gavin have encountered over the years. And you learn actionable tips that help you amp up your leadership skills immediately.
Price $475 USD

Standard - Six-month Audio Experience Combined with 4 One-on-One Coaching Sessions
This tier is particularly useful if you have a few more resources or if you have been in team leadership roles for several years. You want to address certain issues that are most relevant to your specific context. So, in addition to the weekly audio episodes delivered directly to your smartphone, you will be able to meet with either Nicki or Gavin for 60 minutes in a face-to-face coaching session every six weeks (total of 4) to go deeper into how you want to show up as a leader in your organization.
Price $2,500 USD

Premium - Six-month Audio Experience Combined with Multiple One-on-One Coaching Sessions
This offering is for CEOs and senior executives who are looking for a more customized learning program. You already know that leadership coaching is, by far, the most effective way for you to maximize your impact as a leader. The content of this tier is determined by your specific situation, and can include 360 feedback, psychometric assessments and either monthly or twice-monthly coaching sessions.
Price dependent on the context. Contact Us.

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The Leadership Coaching Experience Roadmap

Meet Your Leadership Coaches

Gavin Fenn-Smith
Gavin Fenn-Smith | The Messy Truth Leadership
Nicki Roth
Nicki Roth | The Messy Truth Leadership

Introductory Episode

enroll now and Accelerate Your Growth as a Leader