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Leading Is About People
We provide individual and team coaching for senior leaders, either virtually or in-person. We also offer a unique, cost-effective audio-based leadership coaching program, especially suited for those early in their leadership career.
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Welcome to The Messy Truth About Leading People. Messy because human beings are complicated and sometimes nutty.

Truth because the reality on the ground is often different than what we learned. And leading people because we don’t lead things or strategies. At its core, leadership is about people.

We Know that Great Leaders...

World Class Leadership Coaching
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Accelerate Your Growth as a Leader

We know that you are keen to commit to your own self-development as a leader. And you know that leadership coaching is proven to be the most effective learning method for leaders.

But you are not sure how to proceed. We've created a solution just for you.

This offering means that leadership coaching is not just for the lucky few senior executives. It is now attainable for anyone who is committed to their own self development.

Who Should You Invest In?

Organizations that use leadership coaches for leadership development expect the participants to come out of the process being more skilled at a set of prescribed competencies. Senior leaders and high potentials are granted these growth opportunities in hopes that these investments will pay off in improved performance. We can tell you; the results are mixed at best.

No one stops to ask: is this person willing to commit to in depth self-development? We find this is the most significant predictor of return on your talent dollars investment.

Can you identify the following types of leaders in your organization?

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The Messy Truth About Leading People Podcast

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The Messy Truth About Leading People: It Ain't Easy book
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"The Messy Truth About Leading People: It Ain't Easy!". The truth about leadership book.

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