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The Book

Remember all those courses you took about how complicated and quirky people are and what it would take to lead them? Not so much? But you did learn a lot about strategies, branding, analytics, finance, project management and visioning.

In fact, in your role as a leader today you’re a bit of a hotshot when it comes to all those things. All those results have brought you bonuses and promotions. But how are you doing with the people side of leading?

Come with me as I share some amazing characters (not always in a good way) and my adventures in leading (also not always in a good way). You'll realize the truth that finally dawned on me: leading people is f*cking hard.

Leading is hard, complicated and filled with twists and turns

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Authors (My Ghostwriters)

I’m a story listener and storyteller. People fascinate me and I have a long and interesting career helping people untangle their stories so they are freed up to write new chapters. I’ve been fortunate to live and work in different places, to immerse myself in different cultures and companies, to learn different languages and ways of seeing the world and to marvel at our collective humanity and zaniness.  

My own journey has been rich; loving family member, prolific writer, expert leadership and team coach, decent enough leader, dear friend, irreverent human being. My soul will always come alive for Motown (my home town), great jazz, Alvin Ailey, meditation, water and my most cherished loved ones.
Nicki Roth
Mostly, I am a teacher. I help others learn about themselves and their impact in the world. I’m an observer: of people, of cultures, of interactions.
And I’m a wanderer: across ideas and places.
My interests are at the intersections of history, anthropology, sociology and psychology.  

I’m originally from England, but I have an American disposition. My other main role is as husband and father. Professionally, I am an expert leadership and team coach. And I have worked with CEOs and senior executives in many industries all around the world.
Gavin Fenn-Smith